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Video Calls Got You Feeling Like You're Stuck?

You know the drill.

You scramble to find the right cables.

The projector keeps flickering.

Half the team sounds like they’re underwater on the conferencing call.

And by the time you figure out how to share your screen, everyone’s lost focus.

The Blurry Bunch

Squinting at pixelated faces on screen, missing body language cues, and feeling completely disconnected.

The Muffled Mystery

Muffled audio, dropped connections, and participants feeling unheard.

The Techie Scramble

Fumbling with connections, wrestling with outdated software, and praying everything actually works.

Here's the problem with DIY video conferencing systems

Many companies try to piece together a video conferencing system using a mishmash of incompatible parts.

This often leads to:

Incorrect Installation

Without proper expertise, crucial components might be incorrectly installed, leading to poor video quality, audio dropouts, and connection issues.

Hidden Costs

Surprise expenses like additional cables, adapters, and troubleshooting fees can quickly erode any initial cost savings.

Limited Functionality

Cobbled-together systems often lack features like camera zoom, noise cancellation, and screen sharing capabilities.

it does not have to be this way

Automates your conference call with one tap

The Logitech Tap touch panel puts joining meetings, adjusting settings, and sharing content at your fingertips.

Be heard crystal clear

Experience premium audio with Rally Plus's modular microphone pods that capture every voice in the room.

See everyone in stunning detail

A motorized PTZ camera with exceptional zoom ensures everyone is seen clearly, regardless of seating arrangements.

Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Others.

At the heart of any video conferencing system is the software itself.

Platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become more than just applications; they are the hubs around which modern communication orbits.

These platforms offer features that go beyond video calls, providing a suite of tools for real-time collaboration, file sharing, and project coordination.

The choice of video conferencing software can make or break the user experience, influencing how seamlessly remote teams can work together.

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Stop wasting time and money on DIY video conferencing headaches.

Enhancing Security

With the adoption of video conferencing systems, enhancing security is paramount.

As sensitive information is often discussed during video calls, securing these communications against unauthorized access is a critical pillar of video conferencing.

This is where encrypted connections, secure user authentication, and regular software updates play a vital role.

Automated room systems can also contribute by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access meeting technology.

Logitech Rally Plus for Large Boardroom, audio visual solutions, logitech conferencing room solutions

Intelligent Solutions for Modern Offices

Intelligent solutions for modern offices represent the evolution of the workplace.

Smart workspaces that adapt to the needs of their inhabitants can augment the video conferencing experience significantly.

When interactive displays respond to touch, whiteboard cameras capture every detail, and presentation systems sync seamlessly with video calls, meetings become more than an exchange of ideas – they become a symphony of interactive engagement.

75inch UHD room display in front of the windows using a floor-standing bracket with a Logitech Rally Plus

AV installation Projects

Some of Our Happy Clients

At Boardroom In A Box, we believe strong relationships are just as important as strong communication.

That’s why we take pride in providing personalized service and going the extra mile for our clients.

We’re driven by exceeding expectations and building long-term partnerships.

This commitment to excellence has led us to collaborate with a fantastic group of repeat and referral clients.

These businesses trust us to deliver solutions that take their communication capabilities to the next level, and that trust is something we take very seriously.

We partner with a diverse range of organizations, and we’re confident we can find a solution to fit your unique needs too.


Ready to join the Boardroom In A Box family?

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