Yealink A30

  • Yealink A30 Video Bar,
  • Remote Control,
  • 8 MEMS Built-in Microphone Array,
  • Built-in Speaker,
  • 10 x Optical plus 3 x Digital Zoom PTZ camera + 130 degree Built-in Camera for Speaker and Face Tracking,
  • Wall Mount Bracket,
  • Yealink CTP18 – 8 inch Touch Panel
Based on Android 9.0 OS, A30 owns native Microsoft Teams or Zoom expensive and all features can be operated by just one touch or by the remote controller. Meanwhile, A30 supports both content sharing and whiteboard that making the meeting more communicative and collaborative.
It features an optical camera with 10x hybrid zoom and an 8-megapixel digital camera with a 120° field of view, delivering a clear visual experience with depth, which is unable to be achieved with a single camera.
Auto Framing recognizes the number and the positions of attendees, framing everyone smoothly in the most appropriate view even in small spaces. Speaker Tracking frames a real-time close-up of the presenter, bringing a vivid face-to-face meeting experience and ensuring attendees are well-engaged. Picture-in-Picture tracks and frames the speaker in an individual window, which is separate from the other window, for a panoramic view, enabling users to keep an eye on who’s talking even if the speaker is seated at a distance in a medium room.




Screen Sharing

Yealink A30

Certified for all Platforms

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Yealink A30 for Microsoft Teams
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Yealink A30 for Zoom
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Yealink A30 for Googel Meet

The Yealink A30 is a video collaboration bar designed for medium-sized meeting rooms.

It integrates seamlessly with a variety of video conferencing services and offers a range of features to enhance meeting experiences.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Yealink A30, including its specifications, features, and how it can benefit your business communication.


Key Specifications

Compatibility: The A30 is compatible with various platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, making it versatile for different organizational needs.

Installation: It is designed for easy installation, typically mounted on a TV or on the wall, and comes with all necessary mounting equipment.


Features and Benefits

Smart Video Conferencing: The A30 enhances meetings with features like auto framing and speaker tracking, which automatically adjusts the camera focus based on who is speaking.

Touch Control: It can be paired with the Yealink touch controller, allowing users to manage calls and meetings with a simple touch interface.

Dual Screen Support: The device supports dual-screen functionality, enabling content sharing on one screen while maintaining the video feed on another.

Security: With integrated security features, the A30 ensures that all communications are encrypted, protecting your company’s information.


Ideal Use Cases

Corporate Meetings: Perfect for team updates, client meetings, and collaboration sessions in medium-sized rooms.

Educational Settings: Useful for virtual classrooms or lectures where clarity and participant visibility are key.

Healthcare Consultations: Enables high-quality video calls for telehealth sessions, improving patient and practitioner interaction.



The Yealink A30 is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to enhance their meeting experiences.

Its combination of high-quality video and audio, ease of use, and compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms makes it an excellent investment for improving communication efficiency.

Whether for corporate, educational, or healthcare environments, the A30 adapts to various professional settings, providing reliable and secure video conferencing capabilities.