Logitech Tap

Logitech Tap connects to a computer via USB as a touch panel, opening up new touch control possibilities for applications like team collaboration, digital signage, room automation, environmental control, and other workflows where touch control is desired.

Video conferencing room solutions with Logitech Tap deliver calendar integration, touch-to-join, instant content sharing, and always-on readiness.
Logitech Tap Solutions include all necessary components: Tap touch controller, small form factor computer, in-wall rated cabling




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Logitech Tap

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In the fast-paced world of business, effective and efficient communication is key. Enter the Logitech Tap, a trailblazer in conference room technology.

This article delves into the many facets of the Logitech Tap, exploring its features, capabilities, and how it integrates with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

What is Logitech Tap?

The Logitech Tap is a touch controller designed to simplify meeting room technology.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it bridges the gap between sophisticated technology and everyday usability.

It’s not just a piece of hardware; it’s a solution that is bundled with either the Logitech Rally Plus, Logitech Rally Bar or Logitech Meetup, to transform meeting spaces into hubs of productivity.

Logitech Rally Plus with Logitech Tap for Zoom for Large boardrooms, zoom rooms, Logitech Rally Plus
Logitech Rally Plus with Logitech Tap for Zoom Room for Large boardrooms
Logitech Rally Bar Mini Graphite Front with Logitech Tap
Logitech Rally Bar Mini Graphite Front with Logitech Tap

Key Features of Logitech Tap

Calendar Integration or Scheduler

One of the standout features of the Logitech Tap is its calendar integration.

This functionality allows users to

  • Sync their meeting schedules, making it easier to manage and join meetings directly from the Tap interface.
  • View room availability and
  • Book spaces directly from the Tap device.

This integration makes scheduling meetings more straightforward and accessible, reducing the likelihood of double bookings and enhancing overall meeting room management.

Touch Panel

At the heart of its functionality is the Logitech Tap controller.

It’s the command center for managing meetings, with a responsive touch screen that makes navigation and control effortless.


When it comes to cost, the Logitech Tap strikes a balance between high-end functionality and affordability.

It’s an investment in streamlined communication, offering value for its price.

Microsoft Teams Integration

For organizations utilizing Microsoft Teams, the touch controller offers seamless integration.

This compatibility ensures that meetings can be conducted smoothly, with easy access to Teams’ features through the Tap interface.

Zoom Integration

For organizations utilizing Zoom, the Logitech Tap offers seamless integration.

This compatibility ensures that meetings can be conducted smoothly, with easy access to Zooms’ features through the Tap interface.

Logitech Tap and Barco ClickShare Bundle:

The integration of Tap with Barco ClickShare presents a powerful combination.

This bundle brings together the intuitive control of the Logitech Tap with Barco ClickShare’s wireless presentation system.

It enables seamless sharing of content in meetings, enhancing collaboration and making it more dynamic and interactive.

Logitech Tap Room Kit:

For those seeking an all-in-one solution, the Tap Room Kit is a standout option.

It includes everything needed to set up a state-of-the-art conference room, from the Tap controller to cameras, speakers, and mounting options.

This kit simplifies the process of equipping a meeting room with top-notch technology.

Logitech Tap vs. Crestron Flex:

When comparing the Logitech Tap to the Crestron Flex, several factors come into play.

While both systems aim to streamline meeting room technology, they have different strengths.

The Logitech Tap stands out for its user-friendly touch panel and compatibility with multiple Logitech video conferencing platforms.

In contrast, Crestron Flex is a mix of videobar and table top microphones and is often praised for its customizability and integration within the broader Crestron ecosystem.

The choice between the two often comes down to specific organizational needs and existing technology infrastructure.

Why Choose Logitech Tap?


The intuitive design of the Logitech Tap means minimal learning curve, allowing users to focus on the meeting, not the technology.


Its compatibility with popular platforms and the ability to connect with various devices makes it a versatile choice for any organization.


With features like calendar integration and easy control, the Logitech Tap streamlines the meeting process, saving time and enhancing productivity.


The Logitech Tap is more than just a conference room gadget; it’s a comprehensive solution that caters to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

Whether it’s through its Bluetooth capabilities, specialized bundles for Teams and Zoom, or its efficient calendar integration, the Tap offers a user-friendly, cost-effective way to manage meetings and collaborations.

For any organization looking to upgrade their conference room technology, the Logitech Tap stands out as a smart choice.

In the world of corporate communication, the Logitech Tap isn’t just a step forward; it’s a leap into the future of seamless, efficient, and productive meetings.