CTouch Riva

CTOUCH Riva 2 is well suited for hybrid teaching.


It features

– A built-in 4 array microphone,

– Up to 80W JBL® crystal-clear audio speakers, bright, vivid colors and

– Built-in WiFi 6 to easily connect to the internet.


Just add a camera of your choice and you’re ready to teach remotely.

It will be effortless to see students dozing off from home or at the back of the classroom 🙂

With the touch of only a single button, you have access to all options on the screen, making your life so much easier. It allows you to use your own software (Android, Linux, or Windows-based), as you are used to. And you can easily connect to other devices.
Annotate, write and draw like never before with TrueBeam Touch technology. It feels natural and smooth like writing on real paper. Simply use your finger or a pen and write as fast as you can. Use your hand palm for easy erasing without switching tools. Easy, right?
The CTOUCH Riva comes with Radix Viso Mobile Device Management (5-year license). This allows you to control all screens from one central point. You will no longer have to update settings or push or delete apps screen by screen.




Screen Sharing

CTouch Riva

Certified for all Platforms

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CTouch Riva for Microsoft Teams
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CTouch Riva for Zoom
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CTouch Riva for Googel Meet

The CTOUCH RIVA is a state-of-the-art interactive display designed to transform how businesses conduct meetings in conference rooms.

With the rise of digital collaboration, having a reliable and high-quality touchscreen interface has become crucial for fostering effective communication and teamwork.

This product stands out due to its superior display quality, intuitive touchscreen capabilities, and robust connectivity options, making it an essential tool in any modern conference room.


Key Features of the CTouch Riva


Screen Size and Display Quality

The CTOUCH RIVA boasts a large, ultra-high-definition display that ensures vivid and crisp visuals. Whether you are presenting high-resolution images or detailed charts, the clarity is unmatched, enhancing the viewing experience for all participants.


Touchscreen Capabilities

Featuring advanced touchscreen technology, the RIVA supports multi-touch gestures, allowing multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously. This feature is particularly beneficial for collaborative tasks, such as brainstorming sessions and interactive presentations.


Connectivity Options

Equipped with a variety of connectivity ports including HDMI, USB, and wireless options, the RIVA seamlessly connects to a wide range of devices. This versatility ensures that it can easily integrate into any existing technology setup without the need for extensive modifications.


Built-in Software and Tools

The RIVA comes pre-loaded with specialized software designed to enhance interactive sessions. These tools include note-taking applications, annotation features, and direct access to cloud services, streamlining the workflow during meetings.


Benefits of CTouch Riva in Conference Rooms


Enhancing Collaboration

The interactive nature of the CTouch Riva promotes a more engaging and participative meeting environment.

It encourages teamwork and idea-sharing, leading to more productive and creative outcomes.


Ease of Use

With a user-friendly interface, the RIVA is designed to be accessible to all levels of tech users.

Quick setup and easy access to functions mean that meetings can start on time without technical delays.



The ability to connect with various digital devices and support for multiple input sources makes the RIVA a highly flexible solution for conference rooms, adapting to different types of meetings and presentations.


User Interface and Accessibility

The user interface of the CTOUCH RIVA is designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind.

Large icons, easy-to-navigate menus, and responsive touch inputs ensure that users can operate the display effortlessly.

Accessibility features are also a key component, with adjustable settings to accommodate users with different needs, ensuring that everyone can participate equally in meetings.


Compatibility and Integration with CTouch Riva


Software Compatibility

The RIVA is compatible with all major conferencing software platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which simplifies virtual meetings and enhances communication with remote participants.


Device Integration

It can also integrate smoothly with other smart devices in a conference room, including cameras, sound systems, and even environmental controls, creating a cohesive and connected meeting space.


Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Several businesses have reported significant improvements in meeting efficiency and participant engagement since integrating the CTOUCH RIVA into their conference rooms.

One case study highlighted a company that experienced a 30% increase in collaborative project completion rate, attributing this success directly to the enhanced interaction the RIVA provided.


The CTOUCH RIVA is more than just an interactive display; it is a comprehensive solution that enhances the functionality and efficiency of modern conference rooms.

With its superior display, intuitive interface, and versatile connectivity options, the RIVA is an excellent investment for any business looking to upgrade its meeting spaces.

To experience the benefits firsthand, potential buyers are encouraged to consider how the CTOUCH RIVA could revolutionize their own collaborative processes.

This detailed exploration of the CTOUCH RIVA outlines its value in enhancing conference room dynamics, aiming to provide businesses with a clear understanding of how this technology can be a game-changer in collaborative environments.