Conference Room Display vs. Monitor

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Conference room display and monitor are two popular options that offer distinct features and benefits. 

But when outfitting your conference room, one of the key decisions you’ll face is choosing the right display technology.

The conference room display, or conference room monitor, is the focal point of every video meeting.

Its position in the meeting space is therefore key, both for the people in the room and for remote participants.

The color, clarity, field of view, and focus matter on these conference room display screens and contribute to the best user experience.

There are a few display screen options available, which are a combination of LCD screens, and projectors.

In this article, we will compare conference room displays and monitors, helping you understand their differences and make an informed decision for your meeting space. 

Considerations for Choosing the Right Conference Room Display

When deciding between conference room displays and monitors for your meeting space, consider the following factors:

Meeting Purpose and Requirements

Assess the specific needs and requirements of your meetings. 

If your meetings involve collaborative activities, brainstorming sessions, or interactive presentations, a conference room display with touch capabilities and built-in collaboration features would be more suitable. 

However, if your meetings primarily involve presentations and information sharing, a monitor may suffice.

User Experience and Ease of Use

Evaluate the user experience and ease of use for meeting participants. 

Touchscreen capabilities and intuitive interfaces of conference room displays may enhance user engagement and productivity.

Confererence Room Size and Layout

Consider the size and layout of your conference room. 

Larger rooms may benefit from a larger conference room display to ensure optimal visibility for all participants. 

Monitors, on the other hand, are more suitable for smaller meeting spaces where a larger display may not be necessary.

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Yealink MVC640 Wireless Mics

Conference Room Display Screen Size vs Brightness

Ideally, the room display screens should be large enough for everyone in the meeting to easily see the shared content on the monitors while also in proportion to the conference table and overall meeting room space.

The brightness of the LCD display monitor, measure in nits or lumens, is also a key factor to consider in spaces where you have.

The higher the nits or lumens amount, the brighter the screen.

Bright ambient light (lots of windows), bright lighting in the room,

A large table (when participants sit too far from the display) with limited space or budget.

You can increase the brightness to increase the ability of one to see clearly what is on the display.

The screen on a laptop may suffice for 1:1 video calls, but the correct specified HD or UHD screen or Projection solution can enhance face-to-face collaboration in video meetings for groups of any size.

The monitor screen size and quality of the visual experience make it real and reduce exhaustion from one squinting and focusing your eyes to see what is on the display over long periods.

It starts with finding the right screen size for your conference room.

This simple choice is so important – you need to display content clearly to have effective meetings.

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Logitech Rally Plus with content sharing

Single or Dual (Multi-Screen) Displays

This avoids the hassle of bouncing between windows when you’re using only one screen.

Multiple screens could prove efficient in conference rooms, where several people have to view the screen.

You could have 4-5 monitors set up across the room as a video wall so that everyone can see your charts and graphs.

Several video calling applications support dual-screen calls these days.

Yealink A30 MeetingBar, yealink Medium Microsoft Teams Room
Yealink A30 MeetingBar - Medium Microsoft Teams Room

Budget Considerations

Conference room displays tend to be more expensive than monitors due to their specialized features and capabilities. 

Consider your budget constraints and weigh the benefits and functionalities offered by each option.

Mounting Options

A common choice for larger conference rooms is to mount the display(s) on a wall for a professional appearance and increased visibility for everyone at the table.

When a single display is mounted on a wall, the center of the display should align with the center of the wall and the table.

Dual display installations can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.

For horizontal mounting, place the screens such that the center of the table aligns with the gap between the two screens.

For vertical installations, follow the same rules as with a single monitor.

Yealink MVC860 single screen for medium boardroom

Display Carts

Mobile display carts can add portability and flexibility, allowing video meetings to be held in more locations.

Select a screen mounting option based on the constraints and preferences for the meeting space.

One alternative is to simply place the screen on a stand at the end of the meeting table.

Use mobile carts to create workshop rooms or brainstorm spaces in open areas outside of meeting rooms, where small groups can gather for ad hoc video collaboration

Stationary carts are a good option in spaces where it is impractical or impossible to permanently install displays and other equipment

Secure the gear to the cart with Kensington locks and optional locks for any storage drawers and doors

Yealink MeetingBoard, Yealink MeetingBoard on a stand
Yealink MeetingBoard on a stand
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Mobile display carts can add portability and flexibility, allowing video meetings to be held in more locations
75inch UHD room display in front of the windows using a floor-standing bracket with a Logitech Rally Plus
Logitech Rally Plus on a trolley

Future Scalability

Think about the future scalability and flexibility of your meeting space. If you anticipate expanding your meeting capabilities or incorporating advanced collaboration technologies, a conference room display with built-in features can offer greater scalability and future-proofing.

Conference Room Display

Conference room displays are purpose-built solutions designed specifically for meeting environments. They offer a range of features and capabilities that optimize collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Interactive screens

Choose interactive displays for brainstorming and whiteboard use; digitize notes, illustrations, and other work; and save collaborative sessions

Multiple cloud-based video meeting platforms now support interactive displays for real-time annotations, content sharing, and meeting controllers

Sasmsung flip, interactive display, conference room display
Sasmsung Flip - Interactive display


Projectors show every detail with images up to 500 inch that are bright, glare-free, easy on the eye, and visible from anywhere in the room.

Unlike flat panel monitors, there’s no fixed screen size.

Instead of zooming in and losing content, you can simply make the display bigger.

These projectors are also light, compact and portable, making installation easy.

Achieving the optimal screen size means replicating the average desktop experience for all participants in your meeting, including those furthest away from the screen.

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Flat screens are a fixed size, while a projector offers a scalable screen size.