Case Study: Bidvest Waltons

At Waltons, a leading global stationery distributor, a significant challenge emerged as the world pivoted towards digital collaboration.

Their traditional communication methods were becoming less effective in a rapidly digitizing environment.

The company urgently needed a contemporary, efficient video conferencing solution.


Outdated Communication Hindering Global Operations

Waltons faced significant issues with their existing conferencing systems.

Critical international meetings were often disrupted by technical problems, and the poor quality of presentations due to outdated technology was a constant hurdle.

This inefficiency led to missed opportunities and time wastage, creating a significant barrier to effective digital communication.


Embracing Logitech Room Solution for Microsoft Teams

In response to these challenges, Waltons decided to implement the Logitech Room Solution for Microsoft Teams, featuring the Logitech Rally Plus with a Logitech Tap.

This decision was a strategic move to future-proof their communication tools.

The system’s integration with Microsoft Teams opened doors to a suite of advanced features, making it an ideal choice for a company with a global presence.

Implementing Logitech Rally Plus with Tap

The introduction of the Logitech Rally Plus brought immediate and noticeable improvements.

Its superior video quality made every participant, whether local or international, feel more engaged and present in meetings.

The Logitech Tap touch panel simplified meeting management, integrating seamlessly with calendars for easy scheduling and joining of meetings.

Logitech Rally Plus with Tap


Transforming Communication at Waltons

With these tools, Waltons experienced a drastic transformation in their meeting culture.

The technological frustrations that once hindered collaboration were replaced by smooth, efficient, and dynamic communication.

The Logitech Rally Plus and Tap not only streamlined meeting management but also enhanced interactivity in brainstorming and project collaboration.


A New Era of Innovation and Collaboration

Waltons witnessed profound changes in their work environment.

Online meetings evolved from basic discussions to rich, collaborative experiences.

The staff, now equipped with advanced tools, discovered innovative ways to work together.

This technological upgrade redefined Waltons’ approach to collaboration, firmly positioning them for greater success in the digital era.


Embracing the Future of Communication

Waltons’ journey with the Logitech Rally Plus and Logitech Tap is a testament to the transformative power of modern video conferencing technology.

It highlights the importance of evolving communication tools in a world where effective collaboration is a key driver of success.

Waltons Stationery was opened by Mr. Norman Walton as a humble family store in Cape Town in 1949 with the goal of bringing Capetonians a previously unseen range of high-quality stationery and work tools.

Mr. Walton’s emphasis on innovative, high-quality product ranges and excellent customer service – the kind that you can only find in a family-owned business – formed the bedrock of what would become an iconic brand in Cape Town and South Africa as a whole.

The company grew and evolved over the next 70+ years, developing a National footprint with representation in each of South Africa’s main economic centres, from a humble stationery store to a valued partner to some of South Africa’s greatest businesses.

As consumers and businesses needed to be changed – our offering changed and expanded with Stationery and Office Supplies adding Office Furniture, Cleaning and Hygiene products, Milk, Tea and Coffee essentials, Technology, and, of course, our Back2School Range.

In 1997 – after years of substantial growth and a JSE Listing – Bidvest acquired Waltons and its subsidiaries where it forms part of the Bidvest Brands umbrella as Bidvest Waltons.

So much has changed since Mr. Walton opened his store in 1949 – the World has changed – but one thing is for certain.

If you walk into a Waltons store today you will find the same attention to detail, friendly service, and range of innovative, quality products that built one of South Africa’s most-loved brands.

These are our values and they remain at the heart of everything we do.