Case Study: Servier Laboratories


Embracing Technological Advancement in Global Pharma

Servier Laboratories, a key player in the global pharmaceutical industry, faced a pivotal moment with the relocation of its offices.

Recognizing the necessity of enhanced communication systems, they sought to upgrade their video conferencing technology, prioritizing ease of use and Microsoft Teams integration.


Modernizing Communication in a New Office

Servier Laboratories’ move presented an opportunity to address a critical need – a user-friendly, high-quality audio-visual system.

Their specific challenge was ensuring clear audibility for all participants, especially those seated at the rear of their 10-seater boardroom.


Implementing the Yealink MVC840

To meet these requirements, Servier Laboratories collaborated with Boardroom In A Box to install the Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams room solution.

Key Features:

  • Dual Screens and Touch Panel: Facilitating intuitive control and effective presentations.
  • Advanced Audio Capabilities: Addressing the challenge of audibility in large gatherings.


Implementation Process:

Boardroom In A Box oversaw the design and installation, integrating the MVC840 with Microsoft Teams. This setup enabled easy scheduling through Outlook calendars and a dedicated meeting room booking panel.

Yealink MVC640


Enhanced Communication and Positive Feedback

The Yealink MVC840 received acclaim for its:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifying meeting initiation and management.
  • Effective Presentation Tools: Dual screens enhanced the visual aspect of meetings.
  • Superior Audio Quality: Ensuring inclusivity and productivity with clear audibility for all participants.
“The video conferencing system works like a charm.
Six months in and there were no problems and with minimal updates required.”
IT Manager

Future Outlook

Prepared for Evolving Collaboration Needs

With the Yealink MVC840, Servier Laboratories is well-equipped to navigate the evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

The system not only meets their current communication needs but also positions them for future advancements.


A Tailored Solution Driving Organizational Success

This collaboration with Boardroom In A Box demonstrates how a custom audio-visual solution can significantly enhance an organization’s communication efficiency and effectiveness.

The integration of the Yealink MVC840 with Microsoft Teams has transformed Servier Laboratories’ video conferencing into a powerful tool for seamless collaboration.

For organizations seeking similar transformations in their communication infrastructure, Boardroom In A Box offers expertise in delivering customized, effective solutions.

Contact us to discover how we can elevate your organization’s collaborative potential.