Case Study: SAPIA


Restructuring a Smaller Space at the SAPIA Office

Our client, SAPIA, relocated to a new office and faced the challenge of a smaller meeting room.

The space, with its 10 seats and expansive windows, was initially equipped with two displays on adjacent walls, creating a disorienting and inefficient setup.

The lack of proper equipment for video meetings, such as microphones, speakers, or cameras, and only a VoIP phone on the table, further hindered their meeting efficiency.

before picture of SAPIA boardroom
SAPIA boardroom before

Before the Transformation

SAPIA’s Boardroom

The existing setup, characterized by its disorganized orientation and limited technological capabilities, posed significant challenges for SAPIA’s team.

SAPIA Conference Room


A Streamlined, Tech-Forward Space for SAPIA

To address these issues, we reimagined the room’s layout and technology:

  1. Reoriented Displays: We mounted the two existing displays side-by-side at the front of the room using a custom ceiling bracket, centralizing focus and simplifying room orientation.
  2. Advanced All-in-One Video Bar: A Yealink A30 video bar was installed, integrating a camera, speaker, and microphones. This streamlined device ensured high-quality video and audio for meetings.
  3. Intuitive Room Control: A touch panel for Microsoft Teams Rooms was added for easy management of meetings.
  4. Seamless Meeting Experience: The system was configured for native Teams meetings with a BYOD feature, facilitating simple and effective meeting setups.
  5. One-Direction Focus: The new layout allows participants to focus in a single direction, with one display dedicated to content and the other to video conferencing.
  6. Enhanced Audio and Video Quality: The video bar’s capabilities ensure that both in-room participants and remote attendees can communicate effectively.
  7. Wireless Content Sharing: A wireless presentation pod enables users to share content easily during meetings, both in-room and with remote participants.


A Simple Yet Powerful Meeting Space

This transformation has turned the meeting room at SAPIA into a hub of collaboration and efficiency.

The restructured space, coupled with advanced technological solutions, allows for successful, engaging, and productive meetings.

It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design and technology integration in enhancing team collaboration and overall business function.

Yealink A30

Embracing Change for Exceptional Outcomes

At times, stepping out of the conventional path is necessary to achieve remarkable results.

Our approach centers around crafting solutions that not only fit the unique environment of our clients but also seamlessly meet their specific needs.

This approach led us to create what can only be described as the ideal meeting space.


Goals for the Dream Meeting Space

Our vision for this space was clear:

  1. Eliminate Frustration: No more disjointed audiovisual and video conferencing systems.
  2. Increase User Adoption: Design the space in a way that encourages frequent use and generates a demand for more such meeting areas.
  3. Foster Collaboration: Seamlessly integrate the space with company workflows to boost creativity and productivity.
  4. Overall Business Enhancement: Create a space that contributes to the business’s success.