Case Study: CFAO

Project Overview

Upgrading to Hybrid Conferencing

CFAO, a leader in trading and supply chain management, embarked on a mission to revolutionize their four boardrooms into state-of-the-art hybrid workspace conferencing spaces.

Partnering with Boardroom in a Box, the objective was to create versatile environments conducive to both in-person and virtual meetings, leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Tailored Solutions for Each Space

The transformation involved customized setups for each room, catering to specific needs and existing infrastructure:

  • Wind Boardroom: Equipped with dual 65” displays, Logitech Rally Plus for superior video and audio quality, a NUC PC with dual HDMI output for versatile connectivity, and a wireless keyboard. The PC was configured in extended desktop mode for an expansive view.
  • Hockenheim Boardroom: Installed with a Logitech Rally Plus and a NUC PC with dual HDMI output, this room also featured a wireless keyboard and an extended desktop setup.
  • Water Boardroom: Designed for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, it utilized the existing projector and screen, allowing flexibility for participants to use their devices.
  • Earth Meeting Room: Fitted with a Logitech Meetup, a NUC PC with dual HDMI, and a wireless keyboard, providing a compact yet effective conferencing solution.
  • Fire Meeting Room: Another BYOD-enabled space, utilizing the existing room display to accommodate personal devices easily.

Simplified Video Conferencing Workflow

The new system was designed with user-friendliness in mind:

  1. Starting a Conference: Users activate the display and awaken the Rally or Meetup device with a simple button press, either on the device or using the keyboard.
  2. Launching a Meeting: With the device ready, users can easily launch Zoom or Microsoft Teams, choosing the Logitech room camera and speaker/mics for their audio and video inputs and outputs.
  3. Connecting Devices: HDMI and USB cables were the primary means of connecting the NUC PC to the room displays and video conferencing (VC) equipment. In BYOD rooms, laptops connect to the room display and VC equipment in the same manner.


A Seamless Hybrid Conferencing Experience

CFAO’s boardrooms have been successfully transformed into hybrid conferencing spaces that blend physical and virtual meeting capabilities.

This setup ensures easy usage for team members and supports high-quality video conferencing experiences.

With this upgrade, CFAO has created a flexible, tech-forward environment that caters to the dynamic needs of today’s hybrid workplace.

About CFAO – Toyota Tsusho Africa

A trading and supply chain management specialist, Toyota Tsusho Africa delivers a range of value adding solutions for the South Africa automotive manufacturing industry.

Services include:

  • Global sourcing of products and material, including:
  • Automotive components, steel, machinery and spare parts.
  • Warehousing and storage facilities
  • Clearing and forwarding services
  • Engineering and machinery installations
  • Wheel and tyre assembly
  • Scrap metal recycling
CFAO Brands - Toyota Tsusho Africa