Case Study: Bravo Group


Affordable Microsoft Teams Room Functionality

Bravo Group approached us with a clear need: an economical video conferencing system that integrates seamlessly with their existing projector, providing Microsoft Teams Room capabilities without a hefty price tag.

Our Tailored Solution

Yealink MVC860 for Bravo Group

Understanding Bravo Group’s specific requirements, we chose the Yealink MVC860 as the centerpiece of our solution.

This choice was driven by the MVC860’s compatibility with Microsoft Teams and its flexibility to work effectively with a projector, offering a larger display for meetings.


Key Components of the Yealink MVC860 Installation

  1. Core System: The Yealink MVC860 package, which includes a video conferencing camera, speaker, HDMI cable, and a microphone, forming the foundation of our setup.
  2. Enhanced Audio: To ensure clarity and quality in audio pickup, an additional microphone and speaker were integrated into the system.
  3. Microsoft Teams Room Functionality: The system was programmed specifically for Microsoft Teams Rooms, featuring smooth calendar integration to streamline meeting scheduling and management.
  4. Zoom Meeting Compatibility: While primarily designed for Microsoft Teams, the setup also allows for the incorporation of Zoom meetings through the Teams interface, adding versatility to the conferencing solution.


A Versatile and Budget-Friendly Conferencing Setup

This customized installation for Bravo Group delivers on their key requirement of a cost-effective, high-functionality video conferencing solution.

By leveraging the Yealink MVC860, Bravo Group now enjoys a system that not only enhances their meeting experience with a larger projected display but also offers the flexibility of connecting through Microsoft Teams and Zoom, all within their budget constraints.



Bravo Brands is the African leader in home and lifestyle comfort with more than 121 years of craftsmanship and heritage to its name.

Our business has evolved from a furniture manufacturer to a house of exquisitely crafted branded home comfort products, with nine of South Africa’s much-loved brands under one roof.

Our Sleep Division is made up of Sealy, Slumberland, Edblo, and King Koil.

The Lounge Division contains trusted household names such as Alpine, La-Z-Boy, Grafton Everest, and Gommagomma.

While Nouwens makes up our Flooring Division.

Bravo Brands