Case Study: Blue Label Telecomms


Streamlining Video Conferencing for Efficient Board Meetings

Blue Label Telecomms, a key player in the telecommunications sector, identified a need to enhance the efficiency of its board meetings.

The challenge was the cumbersome setup involving multiple cables, hindering seamless meetings via platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


Implementing Logitech Rally Plus with Logitech Tap

To address this challenge, Blue Label Telecomms invested in the Logitech Rally Plus system coupled with the Logitech Tap control panel, a solution aimed at simplifying and improving their video conferencing experience.

Key Components of the Installation:

  1. Logitech Rally Plus: A premium video conferencing system, consisting of a high-quality camera, speaker, and microphone, designed for clear audio and video transmission.
  2. Logitech Tap: An intuitive control panel facilitating easy meeting management, including starting and controlling meetings on Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Installation Details:

  • Display and Camera Setup: The display was strategically wall-mounted with the Logitech Rally Plus placed right below it for optimal video capture.
  • Microphone Placement: Microphones from the Rally Plus system were conveniently positioned on the boardroom table, ensuring clear voice pickup from all attendees.
  • Control Panel Accessibility: The Logitech Tap was also placed on the table, serving as the central control unit for room operations.


Streamlined and Efficient Board Meetings

The new setup revolutionized the board meeting experience at Blue Label Telecomms:

  • Ease of Joining Meetings: Participants can now effortlessly join meetings by simply tapping the calendar invite on the Logitech Tap, initiating the meeting with ease.
  • Simplified Content Sharing: The meeting host can share content efficiently using a single HDMI cable, eliminating the clutter and confusion of multiple cables.
  • Overall Efficiency: The Logitech Rally Plus and Logitech Tap system has significantly enhanced the meeting process, providing a seamless, hassle-free experience for conducting meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

About Blue Label Telecomms

Blue Label Distribution is the largest distributor of prepaid e-tokens of value, with over 150,000 distribution points of representation nationally.

We offer tailor-made and specialized solutions for various go-to-market environments.

Our distribution expands across all segments of the market and includes:

  • Corporate Distribution (Insurance, Banking)
    Retail Distribution (Food and Non-Food Retailers, e.g. SPAR, Pick n Pay, Powerfashion, Woolworths)
  • Petroleum Forecourt (Corporate and Franchise owned outlets across Engen, Shell, Total, BP, PUMA, Globall, and more)
  • Independent / Informal Distribution. (Moms & Pops/SPAZA)
  • Store in store concepts
  • Stand-alone stores

All Blue Label Distribution products and services can be enabled in a number of ways which include:

  • Direct integrations via restful API platforms
  • A variety of devices include Android touchscreen and self-service terminals.
  • Third-Party integration into existing point of sales software and mobile channels.


A Step Forward in Meeting Technology

The upgrade to the Logitech Rally Plus and Logitech Tap marks a substantial improvement in Blue Label Telecomms’ boardroom functionality.

The company has successfully transformed its meeting environment into a more efficient, user-friendly, and technologically advanced space, aligning with its commitment to leveraging technology for business efficiency.