Boardroom Audio Visual Solutions

Ever felt daunted by the complexity and expense involved in setting up a tech-enabled meeting room?

You’re not alone.

The craving for simplicity and efficiency in AV solutions is peaking at an all-time high.

Introducing “Boardroom in a Box” – your streamlined gateway to transforming any conference room into a high-tech boardroom optimized for Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

A seamless blend of video conferencing, AV support, boardroom automation, and wireless presentation.

It’s everything you need, neatly packed into one comprehensive solution.


Imagine never worrying about messy cables or complex setups again.

With wireless video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities.

It lets you share content from any device effortlessly, keeping everyone connected and engaged, no matter where they're seated.


Imagine walking into a conference room and with a touch of a button, everything is set up perfectly for your meeting.

This isn’t just about impressing clients or making meetings smoother (though it does both brilliantly).

It’s about leveraging technology to enhance collaboration and efficiency.


We enable our clients to experience high-quality, reliable video conferencing that comes with maintenance and reporting solutions that allow for uninterrupted communication between various locations, without relying heavily on internal resources in order to achieve this.

Imagine the impact on your meetings.

Seamless integration of technology not only boosts productivity but also enhances the overall meeting experience, making every session more engaging and effective.

Moreover, the automation features bring a new level of sophistication to your meetings.

Control lighting, presentation equipment, and even room temperature with the touch of a button – creating the perfect environment for every discussion.